IoMobility Solutions

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We create modern digital solutions and ecosystems in transport and urban mobility

The Smart Urban Mobility Ecosystem (SUME) is an ecosystem of new technologies that transforms urban mobility. IoMobility Solutions offers a unique ecosystem of smart urban mobility solutions built on advanced digital technologies. New modes of transport, systems facilitating traffic ordering and sharing, IoT infrastructure (sensors, radars, cameras, ...), intelligent traffic signals, big data systems help to analyze and optimize traffic flows withing urban mobility and thus improve the quality of our lives.

What is the problem?

The market lacks efficient solutions for urban mobility and providing comprehensive solutions based on the latest digital technologies

Older and less effecient solutions in urban mobility, or innovative, but smaller partial solutions without interoperability

Urban mobility is undergoing a significant transformation ever and IoMobility Solutions, Ltd. - an open, collaborative and sustainable ecosystem – by integrating and developing advanced IoT solutions for urban mobility has created one of the most complete system for development of urban mobility

Who benefits from the SUME?

  • Urban service providers
  • Application developers
  • Cities
  • Device providers
  • Financial institutions
  • Network companies, ... etc.

Key benefits for our customers

Increased Safety

A smart city is a safer city. By combining advanced technology, artificial intelligence, IoT devices, and creating private / public partnerships, we help reduce mobility security issues.

Better Traffic Flow

With better use of data comes and improvement in the level of traffic quality. Intelligent transport systems help prevent traffic congestions and accidents, as well as improve the throughput of intersections or entire cities, which reduce travel times.

Cleaner Environment

Thanks to state-of-the-art transport technologies, traffic congestion and air pollution may soon be a thing of the past. The main priority is comfortable, efficient and safe transport, which has a minimal impact on the environment.


Data collection, analysis and interconnection is an important key to responsible public infrastructure management. IoMobility Solutions, in cooperation with the native IoT homogeneous data-integration-analytics-aggregation-visualization platform CitySys, enables cities and administrators to better monitor operations, track maintenance needs, and identify key sources of issues that need to be fixed.


Interoperability is the single and most important key to the success of any ecosystem. Connected technologies and solutions make it possible to create and bring new value to smart cities. Thanks to interconnected technologies, devices and systems, we can ensure a new trend of "Data-driven urban mobility".


More effective decision-making based on facts. Big Data and IoT offer endless possibilities for better decision-making. Because quality decision-making is only possible on the basis of quality data.

What Our Client Says

I can highly recommend working with IoMobility Solutions. Above-standard relationships, help and cooperation in finding the most optimal solutions are a matter of course for this company. I emphasize professionalism and expertise that are presented in a human and understandable way. I highly appreciate this type of cooperation and I am sure that I will use the services of this company, especially in the field of bicycle transport, in the future as well.

Ing. Ivana Bobrovská

I evaluate the cooperation with IoMobility Solutions very positively. Their professional approach has enabled and helped to solve several practical problems in the field of transport. The delivered technology always had professional support and we could be sure that things worked as they should. We have collaborated on several projects in practice, and the company was willing to go beyond standard relationships, whether it is willing to solve technical and technological problems as well as being friendly to us. Therefore, I can only recommend working with IoMobility Solutions.

doc. Ing. Marián Gogola, PhD

Cities urgently need such a comprehensive ecosystem for transport and parking solutions as IoMobility Solutions has built. The sooner municipalities start to address urban mobility comprehensively and conceptually, the better prepared they will be for the ever-growing number of vehicles transiting and parking in the city. I was surprised by the speed of adding our product to the urban mobility ecosystem and the IoT platform, which is open and flexible. The more data and information cities have, the better they can decide on the future and quality of life of their citizens.

Miroslav Cvacho